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No whining

We know it's hard. Your soft life.

Isn't it amazing how folks that live beautifully, in countries blessed with a young life and boundless resources, can still find a way to complain?

You know the types. The individuals who have suffered through a bad manicure. The ones who raised bratty children that still get on their nerves well into their teens. The supposedly nice people screaming at the top of their lungs (with their windows rolled up) at errant drivers.

We wish some good wine could solve all of this, but plenty of folks drinking great wine are still tying up our earholes with their tough life.

No whining! We're almost able to guarantee that if you're reading this blog post, have a roof over your head, and eat regularly, there's there's no room for you to whine. Half of the people on this planet do not have indoor plumbing.

Toast life. Flush less. Be grateful. Find some more happy friends.



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