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Mind over Red or White Matter

Health, health and more health.  For those of us with the means and the intention, we spend much of our middle decades waking up to the realities of what makes a healthy body.

And then of course, the debates rage online so quickly between guzzling bone broth, intentionally inducing ketosis, and having that daily dose of tannins. You can load up your matcha with lemongrass or your kombucha with turmeric.

The options, eh?

Overall, the healthy trends that make the most sense reduce acidity in the body. So while that regular evening glass of wine probably doesn't take your middle aged body off the rails, it is a contributor on a daily basis to more acidity in your aging body.

We can recommend taking 2 or 3 days a week off from that daily glass. It adds to your enjoyment of the more special evenings when you do enjoy a glass. And, by a small amount reduces the acid your body has to deal with on a daily basis.






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