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Be The Sensible One

This holiday season, enjoy all that you have. And make sure your friends keep having what they in...
Be the one. Be one of many. Let your friends know that there's no excuse for drinking and driving. One or two glasses of wine, you be the judge.
But drinking multiple drinks and getting behind a wheel makes no sense for any of us. And we know how the holidays are. Sometimes you start drinking a little bit earlier than usual. Truth.
Simply with all the options, there's just no reason to drive yourself to the next destination.
You've got friends that don't drink. We know you do. Invite them out!
Public transportation and those scurrying ride services are almost everywhere.
Taking the keys of someone who is drunk might be painful on the night, but it'll all be sorted out in the morning without a DUI!
And a great option, especially if you're going to the home of a friend, is to pack a change of clothes and crash if needed. It's a strange friend that would say no to that. We guarantee sleeping on the couch is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a jail cell.
So please be at least the first one. Please spread the word among your friends and you won't be the only one; you'll be one of many. Let's all encourage safe happiness this holiday season.
Cheers should be just that.

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